SHOCKING HISTORY REVEALED!!!Who are Soros, Rockfeller,Rothschield?


Our world is ruled by the Big Eye on the top of the pyramid. This symbol we can see everywhere, on the dollar bill, on the declaration of the rights of man, many buildings and monuments around the world. This people represent the core of all secret societies, Vatican, the great banking system, ultimate corporations etc. How they raise to power, who are they, what they did?

It all begins with the Khazar kingdom that has been nearly erased from the history by intention. Why? Because this is the root that reveals a horrible secret. Khazars were mongol nomadic tribe that lived in the region above the Caspian sea and Caucasus. In the dark ages of the medieval time, the center of power in the world was the middle east. Greatest empires of Byzantium and Persia were there, also the great Muslim Empire that made the biggest changes in that period when it comes to technology, trading, explorations, art. At this point western Europe was far behind this advanced civilizations, the golden era was arising in the middle east and Euro-asia. There was a huge problem there because Islamic kingdoms( Saracens, Turks, Sfafids etc.) were in eternal war with Byzantium. Muslims were spread nearly across the entire Asian continent and north Africa. From Indonesia to Spain, from Caucasus to the Persian Gulf, but on the other hand there was Byzantium, the East Roman empire, that was one of the biggest and strongest countries in the Entire History of humanity with the biggest and richest capital in the medieval times- the city of Kings-the great Constantinople.

In this period between them prospered the Khazarian Kingdom that was close to the silk road, Bysantium and Saracen Empire, on the north the Vikings were uprising, on the west new kingdoms were in need of goods from the East, because Europe was undeveloped and poor. This situation was crucial for Khazars and they made the best decision and crucial decision for the history of humanity. Because Christians and Muslims were in struggle, Khazars accepted Judaism. They even addapted a new holy book-the Talmud and sent the Torah( the real old judaism book) in oblivion. This fake Jews profited in that time as much as this bankers profit today. They controlled most of the trade routes and gold income in Europe and Asia. The Khazarian Empire was incredibly rich. After a while this country was destroyed by the Russians, because they found this fake Jews a threat and accused them for satanism, and called the Khazar Empire the new Sodom and Gomorrah. Russian king Svjatoslav totally destroyed them. But he only made them a favor. This Jews move to eastern and central Europe, changed their first names in the native versions where they inhabited and,of course, bought the best places in the small cities, next to the royals where they started with their business.

In no time they were the richest people in the entire world. They controlled the everything when it comes to trading and banking. In the late 18 century Amsel Rothschild and his 5 sons decide to form the Illuminati group and spread the jewish ideology across the entire planet. One of his sons came to USA and form the Federal Reserve because their banking system WAS CRUSHED by our forefathers that fought so hard against them as hard as they fought against the British Empire. They started the French Revolution, an every war after Napoleon. And that is not all- in every single war the both sides of the conflict were sponsored by them and their banks and foundations. This family after a while, when gained TOTAL and UNDISPUTED control over the USA started using the United States for proxy wars and created the biggest world corporations that are going to centralize everything into one throne of power. This happened in the 20th century. Now, after they concentrated every single possible material item or currency of value, they are starting to fulfill their crazy agenda and execute the Protocol of Sion ( their secret plan for world dominance). Their tools were Communism, Nazism and now Liberalism. This movements are so fake and artificial because they are made with one single goal- to establish world dominance for the greatest banking lords in one country. They do not want tradition, nations, religion or anything that can dispute their absolute power. They want to make one country, one nation, one economy, one market,one currency. They want to destroy our independence and our way of life.

In the 21 century Rothschilds(after they own everything that is possible to be bought with money) now they want to own us, the people. It is easy for them because they posses nearly every bank in the world, every corporation and entire mainstream media. They manipulate American people for years and they use us as their own tools to make wars across the world and spread liberalism with our mainstream media celebrities. This is sick! Under the flag of globalization, United Nations and human rights, they stormed Europe and USA with immigrants, they propose interracial marriages, transgender, homosexuals, fake life values etc. We can do nothing because nearly every single one of our representatives  in the political institutions is either their member or controlled by them and their pawns. They bribe, they racket, they blackmail like mafia, everybody is under their pressure and everyone that knows the truth about them is being afraid to the bone. Many people use to beleive that they cooperate with the devil himself! Their parentage and dinasty rule the world for over 200 years, now Rothschild have many people like Soros, Hilary, Rockfeller and they are able even to start a third world war if they want. We give them even more power when we watch what they want us to see, when we eat their GMO food, when we listen to their lying words.

At the moment Rotschild family owns 500 TRILLIONS of dollars!!! They are the only family in the entire world that posses trillions of dollars. In their private possession is 70% of the land sea of Israel. They control the British monarchy and the Pope. The organization of Illuminati helped them enter in every dimple of our civilization and control not only the material reality but intellectual too. This guys wanted to put Hillary Clinton in the president chair, but they failed hard. They want to give a bad name to Putin, because he crushed their influence in Russia which economy was nearly destroyed by Soros and there is now dead or alive bounty on his head. They try to compromise Donald Trump because he revealed the truth about them,between lines. They killed John Kennedy after he announced their arrival. What is next? We can only imagine… Insert chips inside people for maximum control( of course under some excuses about the features of the chip and the ,,freedom” it gives to us), selling even more GMO food until they make GMO people, global warming, wars again and again…

We need to unite and fight back ! God bless America!