The Show Has Just Begun: Investigation On Obama Officially Started


Barack Obama is not privileged anymore. Devin Nunes demanded answers from the NSA’s Ben Rhodes.

The former Obama aid Ben Rhodes is now becoming one of the key figures in finding the answers WHY, HOW and WHO Obama and Ben Rhodes unmasked in 2016 and early 2017.

“House Intelligence Committee is expanding probe. Nunes asking NSA to provide the number of unmasking requests by Ben Rhodes in 2016 & early 2017.”

As you already know, Ben Rhodes was directly receiving orders from the White House. Susan Rice, for instance, and her connection with the FBI and the CIA are from a quite different nature and, as you already saw, Comey and Brennan had some alibies why they were involved in the ‘chase’ of ‘foreign intelligence’, but Rhodes is in deep trouble.

Ben Rhodes had no warranty to demand citizen’s unmasking from the NSA on his own, he was only the “messenger”.

If Edward Snowden’s and Julian Assange’s claims are true, that means that we can expect massive data of illegal surveillance not only on President Trump and so many GOP members loyal to the American patriotic cause but also hundreds of thousands of other American citizens.