Sick Dem Calls Tucker Carlson “A Russian Agent” – Tucker Shreds Him To Pieces On Live TV [VIDEO]

The relations between Russian and America have never been worse. Democrats destroyed the good bond between Moscow and Washington, pushing our country on the edge of war. These people created ISIS with help of their wealthy donors. After that they supported the Syrian oppostition against Russia and Asad. Instead of fighting the ultimate evil, Obama made pact with the devil!

We have to admit that Russians were our allies in both world wars and we’ve been on the same side in all major conflicts until the cold war epoch. After this proxy war ended and Russians defeated communism and George Soros in the 90s, they have become a secular and strong country. Their economy is rising up and they want partnership with the USA.

Except of alliance and partnership- Barack Obama gave the middle finger to Putin and pushed the mainstream media against Russia and everybody that supports good relations with Russia. These sick people attacked Tucker Carlson and called him a russian spy! Such hypocrisy and dumbness!

Tucker got Rep. Schiff to lose his temper, and Schiff ran his mouth, saying, “Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave… You’re carrying water for the Kremlin… you’re gonna have to move your show to Russian Television… you’re an apologist for the Kremlin.”

Carlson didn’t hesitate to lay waste to Schiff and his Cold War era spy novel theories. Shot back Carlson, “You can blather on all you want man, but I gave you a chance to state it [that Schiff knows as fact that Russia hacked Podesta’s emails] clearly, and you wouldn’t…that tells you everything you need to know…alright…OK. I appreciate that congressman.”

Then he clowned Schiff by saying, “Now I need to take a call from Vladimir Putin…so I need to put you on hold for one second.” How much do you love how Tucker Carlson manhandled this crazy Democrat? Watch below:

This is how you shut liberals mouths! They think we are dumb and we live in the 70’s. We are smart, we want to leave better and we want to bring back our pride and dignity all around the globe. Instead of hate and confrontation, we could have made great allies with strong christian country and destroy ISIS once for all!

H/T Conservative101