After Her Sick Joke of Cutting Trump’s Head, Kathy Griffin Got Career Ending News

Kathy Griffin just made the biggest mistake of her life. The liberal leftists really hit the rock bottom after this, obviously, the woman with serious health issues did the unthinkable. It’s sufficient to comment anything about the bizarre picture.

The entire nation was disgusted. The media will lose the entire credibility after this. Many Americans are angry at the moment. Kathy Griffin has to take responsibility and act quickly. The people want answers.

We are not supposed to watch this kind of things from people in the media paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not art, this is not something educational- this is pure blasphemy. With this, Katy Griffin violates the law, and this is a major crime. 18 U.S.C. 879- Threatening the President.

Now she is going to get what she deserves. Share this post if you’re disgusted- Kathy Griffin deserves to be punished!