Sick Lib THUGHS Threaten Man Carrying US Flag- INSTANTLY REGRET IT

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS BRAVE HERO! The liberal leftists tried to destroy everything in their path to achieve their goals( I MEAN LITERALLY DESTROY), but there is one MAN that confronted the sick vandals and show them what HONOR means!

You have probably heard of Based Stickman.

If not, here’s a little intro…

Based Stickman, who also goes by the name Kyle Chapman, was walking around Berkeley recently with an American flag to promote a free speech rally.

Some local residents, presumably your average liberals who don’t care for free speech when they disagree with it, got in his face.

Here’s what happened next.

From The Blaze:

“You gonna pull out a knife, too?” one man is heard asking Chapman.

“I don’t wanna see y’all around here again,” another tells Chapman as the gang closes in on him in the middle of Berkeley’s Civic Center Park.

At one point one of them marched right up to Chapman and began yelling at him and challenging him to fight, Berkeleyside reported.

The aggressor, donning sunglasses, should’ve thought twice about that — because Chapman turned around, sized up the gang up brewing around him and took a fast swing at the guy out in front, who subsequently hit the ground.

Love it.

If the left is going to use violence as a tool to get things done, which they admitted in Berkeley when Milo showed up, then they can expect to get violence back.

Also, it looks like Chapman was doing nothing wrong and defended himself appropriately.

Here’s what Chapman said on Facebook about it all.

It’s all about free speech.

The left has been desperately trying to shut down freedom of speech when conservatives are involved.

As long as you aren’t breaking any laws then it’s totally fine to react the way Based Stickman did.

Props to him and all the others who aren’t backing down to liberal intolerance and those ANTIFA losers.

H/T Young Conservatives

Just look at those sore losers. THAT WAS A NICE SWING, BUDDY! Classy liberals, they go 5 on 1, and they have no clue what they’re actually doing. If you ask them who was the first President, or what is the first amendment they will tell you “I no Speak Englis”, BUT they know for SURE that Trump is a “racist”, “homophobe”, “xenophobe” etc.