THIS IS SICK! Look What This Radical Liberals Did To Melania! Patriots are FURIOUS!


As we know, liberals all over the country are against Donald Trump and his victory at the presidential election. But not only him, they are also against the future First Lady Melania Trump. Even worse, many top fashion designers are refussing to dress Melania Trump, although they were okay dressing Michelle Obama.

Are they serious?

Check this out…

VIA  People

A week and a half after Donald Trump officially became America’s new President-Elect, the reverberations of that decisions can still be felt far and wide. Not only from the thousands of protestors taking to the streets in major capitals across our country, but also the surge in charitable activism, involvement in local government, and the daily calls to protest this or that brand based on stances they’ve taken about our future POTUS. But designer Sophie Theallet has flipped the script on those ubiquitous calls to boycott, announcing that instead it is she and her brand who will be boycotting Trump and his wife, Melania, refusing to lend her any of her designs.

This is a bold stance for Theallet, considering the designer has dressed First Lady Michelle Obama in the past, but in her open letter posted to her Twitter account today she made no bones about the fact that she will not be fashion to the incoming FLOTUS. In the letter, the designer writes, “As an independent fashion brand, we consider our voice an expression of our artistic and philosophical ideas. The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all discrimination and prejudice. Our runway shows, ad campaigns, and celebrity dressing have always been a celebration of diversity and a reflection of the world we live in.”

Here’s the statement from Sophie Theallet…


Well good news for the “unknown designers”; they will become the talk of the town.

What do you think about these arrogant designers?

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