Sneaky Comey Used Leaked Audio To Distract Voters From SICKENING Crime Details That Got Released


The sub-tabloid level mainstream media just tried to smear our party’s nominee Donald Trump by putting out audio of Donald being secretly recorded trading dirty jokes with a reporter. How would you feel if you were secretly recorded?

What’s more sinister is the timing of it. This audio dropped just days before Trump’s second Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton.

But the thing that proves that the mainstream media is acting in cahoots with crooked Hillary’s campaign is the fact that this audio came out at virtually the same time as the release of the first part of Hillary’s emails that she illegally deleted. Do you think this was a coincidence, at all? Not a chance. This Trump audio is serving as a distraction. It’s a smokescreen so that we won’t pay attention to the damaging contents of Hillary’s emails.

FBI Director James Comey is an integral part of Hillary’s conspiracy. He only stands to lose (his job, his reputation) if people dig into these emails, which are now publicly available. You can be certain that he played a critical role in getting this audio released at the same time as the emails. The emails contain all the incriminating details that Comey conveniently overlooked when he “decided” to not press charges against Hillary. Are you fooled by Comey’s diversion tactics?