Son of Hamas Founder Comes Forward, Reveals What Obama Is Doing for Terrorists


President Barack Obama has been criticized throughout his time in office for his refusal to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” even after a brutal terror attack has occurred.

Many Republicans have stated that Obama’s refusal to say these words simply prolongs the war on terror because he won’t even properly identify the enemy.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the one of the founders of Hamas, agreed with those accusations, stating that Obama’s insistence that Islam is a religion of peace creates the perfect breeding ground for terror, CNS Newsreported.

“When the president of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the climate, he provides the climate, the perfect climate to create more terrorism,” said Yousef, who turned against Hamas in 1996.

Yousef, who knows better than most what it is like to be in a terror organization, said that refusing to admit the connection between radical Islam and violent terrorism could create so many terrorists that the problem will never go away.

“There is an Islamic problem, and I think humanity needs to stand against this danger because this danger is not only against the state of Israel, this danger is against the evolvement (sic) of mankind,” he explained.

“What is the alternative for Israel and for democracy or for the American Constitution?” he asked. “It’s the darkness of the sixth century. This is what’s the alternative.”

It’s a sad day in history when a former member of one of the worst terror organizations in the world makes more sense than the president of the United States. You can watch his full remarks here:

If we don’t elect leaders who will recognize that we are fighting a war for our very existence, then we are doomed. We cannot take four more years of a leader refusing even to acknowledge what needs to be done to bring peace to this world.

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