The BIGGEST LOSER Michael Moore Suffers ANOTHER EPIC Meltdown on Twitter, Hilarity Ensues


Ladies and gentlemen, we have to remind you once again what the mainstream media is. The mainstream media is a giant brainwashing factory in which thousands of neo-liberal slaves are able to become famous. But, there is a price. They will never be FREE! They will remain liberal puppets until the last day of their lives. Michael Moore is one of them, look typically uneducated and stupid sounds, just like a regular angry liberal.

But, this sore loose is soon getting DESTROYED and HUMILIATED by Donald Trump and other intelligent, smart and honest people on twitter :

From The Blaze:

Now that the Electoral College has made Donald Trump one step closer to becoming the 45th president of the United States, liberal author and filmmaker Michael Moore says the centuries-old system designed by America’s Founding Fathers is “racist.”

On Tuesday morning, a day after Trump officially received the electoral votes needed to become president, Moore tweeted a message to the “rest of the world” in an attempt to “explain what happened yesterday.”


Now, look at the reaction against this Trump-hater!


H/T Young Conservatives

High degree burns! Look at Michael Moore! This guy knows nothing about politics. He can go to hell with his popular vote. Racism- that’s a sad fairy tale for stupid liberals- the only racists are Obama and his administration that caused the biggest dichotomy in the modern day America.