South Carolina Couple Fleeing to Canada Because of Donald Trump [VIDEO]


Back in 2016, as election day got closer we heard more and more stories about how people wanted to leave the country if Donald Trump ended up getting elected to be the next president. Many celebs promised this, but didn’t go through with it. Unlike all of them, one young couple from South Carolina have decided to actually do it.

Robin and Heather Vargas lived in the Republican state of Charleston, South Carolina. Instead of celebrating Trump’s win, they started searching how to move to Canada. What began as nothing more than a joke, turned out to become reality.

They weren’t the only family thinking of the option to move to Canada – reports from that night revealed that so many people visited the site that it actually crashed. Robin Vargas explained how they got to the decision they wanted to move to Halifax, Nova Scotia:

“We found that the ideals just aligned more greatly with ours.I’m excited to just dive into what it is to live like a Canadian.”

They did all the required background checks, provided their employment history, found an apartment they would live in and jobs they would work. They were happy to go and live in Canada with all the “incredible people.”

It’s worth mentioning that they didn’t give up on their American citizenship in order to go and live in Canada. They will have double citizenship, which means they could vote in both countries’ elections.

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