Star Athlete Refuses To Kneel During Anthem, Here’s What They Instantly Did To Him


The number of professional athletes who refuse to kneel during the anthem is raising, especially among the African-American patriots who feel played and manipulated by this huge anti-American campaign. However, the other side of this story thinks that the rebellious players have the right of their own protest and expression. Meanwhile, they show a big level of hypocrisy condemning the players who refuse to join the kneeling. OXYMORON and paradoxical situation, right?


After indicating that he wouldn’t protest the national anthem, an African-American professional hockey player is being attacked by a sports journalist.

Yahoo sportswriter Greg Wyshynski published an article Wednesday criticizing Nashville Predators star P.K. Subban, whom he wrote was “considered the most prominent black player in pro hockey,” for offering a different perspective on players who protest the national anthem.

During a fundraising event on Tuesday at the Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, Tennessee, Subban said that he would never kneel during the national anthem because he greatly respects the American flag.In response to Subban’s remarks, Wyshynski criticized him by suggesting he should be kneeling in protest with other players.

“So no, P.K. Subban will not be the guy who takes the knee and makes the stand. P.K. Subban is the guy who decided, with his team, not to do so, and then told a room without cameras rolling that he would never protest during the anthem,” Wyshynski wrote.

Wyshynski wasn’t happy about Subban decision not to protest the American flag or national anthem.“Sorry if this let you down, because you believed an outspoken player like Subban would stand in solidarity with other pro athletes, or would symbolically share your political beliefs through his actions,” he added.

As noted by Breitbart’s John Nolte, “And what is Wyshynski’s reaction to a proud, strong, accomplished black man who thinks for himself? Well, to no surprise, it is exactly what you always see from a white leftist confronted with a black person who refuses to think and act in the ways white leftists demand black people think and act.”

On Wednesday, Predators CEO Sean Henry released a statement indicating that his team would not be protesting the national anthem.

“When this all came about, we wanted to get together with our team because everything we do is collaborative. When we say what we’re going to be doing, it really is a ‘we.’ Everyone had input on it. We are honoring the anthem and the flag and the country by standing during the anthem. We invite our fans to do so with us,” Henry said.
Henry said he respected the players’ right to protest, but argued that doing so during sporting events wasn’t the proper venue.

“It is also our way of honoring what else it stands for, and it does provide for the freedom for others to express their views and protests in a manner in which they feel comfortable doing. We just think there’s proper forums for all. Our games have become this unifying celebration, so we have decided that we’re all going to stand together to honor the country and all that comes with it,” he added.

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Let’s show support to this brave player who decided to break free from the pressure and put the COUNTRY FIRST. American patriots should support all players who fight against the core values in the “matrix”. We all need to break free from “the bubble” and live united, as one. The media shouldn’t treat him like this, he didn’t deserve such arrogant treatment.