The State Department Just Gave Donald Trump All The Ammo He Needs… Hillary Blindsided


The State Department has released 46 pages of documents pertaining to the required security training of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her two top aides while she held the office.

This release was ordered in response to a lawsuit launched against the State Department on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

According to the documents, chief of staff Cheryl Mills and deputy chief Huma Abedin completed the mandatory training sessions.

The documents fail to show confirmation that Clinton completed the same training.

Part of the training included the proper handling of “sensitive compartmented information, (SCI).”

This information, which includes correspondence by foreign based U.S. spies, is some of the government’s most highly guarded.

The released documents state that SCI is to be stored “only” in an accredited SCI facility and that cell phones, Blackberries, personal computers as well as cameras, video and audio recording devices are strictly prohibited in an SCI facility.

In her July interview with the FBI, Clinton told investigators she could not recall receiving training on the handling of classified information, saying a concussion she suffered in 2012 and a subsequent blood clot affected her ability to remember.

Federal Judge Richard Leon issued an order Sept. 20 for the release of the requested documentation.

The order stated the State Department must release one-third of the requested 400 documents by Sept. 26 and the remainder no later than Oct. 10.

“Judge Leon’s Order made clear his frustration with the State Department’s continued obstruction of the FOIA process,” said Bradley Moss, an attorney for Daily Caller News Foundation. “State will either meet his deadline or face the consequences of failure.”

In a statement July 29, officials of the State Department told the Daily Caller the documents had not been released because neither Clinton nor her aides had completed the training.

At a hearing Aug. 31,  Leon told State Department attorney Jason Lee the documents needed to be released before the election.

“I’m sure you can appreciate, Mr. Lee, there is a certain time sensitivity on this issue,” Leon said. “We’re looking down the barrel of a presidential election from now in two months.”

Republican nominee Donald Trump has been critical of Clinton for her handling of emails containing confidential and classified information.

He even went as far as to say her conduct was “worse than Watergate.”

At a rally in Greenville, N.C., in early September, Trump told his supporters, “Her conduct is disqualifying.”

He added, “This is like Watergate, only it’s worse because here our foreign enemies were in a position to hack our most sensitive national security secrets. No one takes all the risks Hillary Clinton took unless they are trying to cover up massive crimes.”

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