State Rep. Fights Back – Here’s Which NFL Team Could Lose Millions In State Tax Dollars


WHAT WE JUST PREDICTED IS ALREADY HAPPENING! The liberal elites who corrupted the NFL all in order to boost their anti-American globalist propaganda just received some awful news. You know what they say: don’t bite the hands that feed you- the NFL rouges did exactly that. Now, the states know that the NFL is just a liberal organization used for spreading anti-American ideas and rebellion against the national symbols. That’s why there is no more TOLERANCE for the leftists. Read more below:

Louisiana State Rep. Kenny Harvard, R-St. Francisville believes a retaliation is in order for the national anthem protestors of the NFL.

From The Advocate:

Louisiana State Rep. Kenny Havard, R-St. Francisville, said Monday morning that he wants to cut millions in state tax dollars, exemptions and credits allocated to the New Orleans Saints, the NFL and any of those groups’ associated facilities that receive funding.

Havard’s announcement comes a day after a group of Saints players participated in a protest during Sunday’s national anthem before their game against the Panthers. Protests were the focus around the NFL on Sunday as players chose different methods to demonstrate after controversial comments from President Trump late last week.

“The very reason (the Saints) have the privilege and opportunity to play professional football while being paid millions is because someone in uniform died protecting their right to do so,” Havard said. “It is a disgrace to the men and women of this nation and state who have sacrificed so much.”


Any thoughts? Do you feel sattisfied knowing that the institutions of this state are taking the NFL propaganda very seriously? Maybe now it’s the time to show everyone’s ‘dirty laundry’. Let’s begin with Obama’s deep state and so on…

Americans want changes. Trump brings those changes through his reforms. So, the communist and ANTI-DEMOCRATIC puppets( who, by the way, call their party Democratic) are openly against the will of the nation.  Everybody needs to know that this country is infected by a heavy disease… A tumor that was growing up for decades if not centuries.