‘STRANGE’ – Everyone Is Noticing What Isn’t Happening At The March for Life Today [DETAILS]

Today the March of Life occurred. This is a great day for the American people, because the nation stood behind the President despite the pressure of the mainstream media and the other Anti-Trump activists.

The patriot answered the call of their country and went marching to show support to the new ideas. The mainstream media, of course, doesn’t bother to inform the world about this. Anyway, everybody has to hear the voice of the people!

Last week, millions of Donald Trump critics around the country took to the streets to let everyone know how mad they were the election didn’t go their way.

They ended up making a huge mess in the process.

Between the inauguration riots and the “Women’s March” we saw plenty of chaos.

There was violence, tons of trash left behind, and even talk about blowing up the White House.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in Washington, D.C. to stand up for the right to life.

Oddly enough, it looks like it’s possible to get your point across without violence and nasty rhetoric.

The media doesn’t seem as interested in covering this march and maybe the lack of violence has something to do with it.

Much respect to all the people who are out there marching today and standing up for those that don’t have a voice.

Clearly, things are starting to shift toward a society where life is valued.

H/T Young Conservatives

This is the truth people. The mainstream media doesnt want us to believe that there is another ,,force” who protects the national from the vast attacks of the liberal leftists. Well done! – to people who marched for the dignity of our country!