STUNNING: The 1 Fact About Trump’s Popular Vote Liberals Don’t Want You To Know


First of all, before we begin with this article, we have to make clear one crucial thing. The USA is a country with republican system of democracy and it is a federation of 50 states with own culture, laws and way of life. These 50 states build the USA and when it comes to the leadership of the country each state has to have an equal part in the final decision. Democrats stormed the media with their stubborn statement that Hillary won the popular vote.

If we judge by that, Sanders won the popular vote in the Democratic party. However, these liberals are so stupid and they want to use every single idiotic statement to prove that Hillary somehow should have won the election. Their liberal bastions are New York and California.

Had votes from the liberal-infested states of California and New York not been counted in the 2016 general election, President-elect Donald Trump would have beaten failed Democrat challenger Hillary Clinton in the popular vote by 3 million votes.

But because they were counted, he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, according to the Epoch Times, which obtained these numbers from a report issued by the Cook Political Report.

Note that Trump received 62,679,636 total votes, which was the most that a Republican presidential candidate had ever received in American history, as noted by Hot Air. Even former President George W. Bush, who was beloved by many Republicans, received fewer votes in his 2004 reelection bid.

The editorial board also forgot a couple of things. First, America is and has always been a representative republic, not a democracy. Moreover, the Founders purposely set America up like this to ensure every state’s voice would be heard — and to prevent mob rule.

Had the election been based on the popular vote, the highly populated states of California and New York would have effectively determined its outcome from the get-go and thus robbed power from less populated states such as Utah and North Carolina.

Would that be fair? No. And that was exactly the point — one that, sadly, has flown right over the heads of many liberals.

H/T Conservative Tribune

The USA is the strongest country in the world and we would not become a country of losers. We are proud on our President, if you liberals and hipsters, paid by the Zionists to destroy this country want to destroy his name. Donald Trump will make America great again-want it or not!