Stupid Reporter Tries To Embarrass Gen. Mattis – INSTANTLY GOT BRUTAL SURPRISE [Video]

ANTI-MEDIA! That’s how we call the RESISTANCE against the liberal mainstream media brainwashing. General Mattis also follows this trend and loves to shut down reporters who ask irrational and provocative questions. In the report below you have a perfect example how a real patriot defends the truth:

Secretary of Defense Mattis held a press conference at the Pentagon to answer questions about the airstrike in Syria. When a reporter attempted to bait the General with a question about Russia, “Mad Dog” shut him down!

The defense secretary deftly answered the numerous gotcha questioned posed by journalists, and reaffirmed the president’s commitment to destroy ISIS.

At one point, a reporter attempted to insinuate that Mattis should fear Russian retaliation. The reporter said: “The Russians have been very clear… that another response … would be a red line for them. How are you so confident that this isn’t going to spiral out of control.”

Keeping a cool-head, Mattis simply replied,”I’m confident that the Russians will act in their own best interest and there’s nothing in their best interest if this situation spirals out of control.”

Essentially, Mattis told the reporter that Russians are more afraid of us than we are of them, and that we will not be stifled by empty threats.


The reporter was clearly taken back. He had grown accustomed to the timidity of the Obama administration and their constant kowtowing to Russia.

President Trump and Secretary Mattis are showing the world that America will no longer be pushed around like we were under Obama. We possess the greatest military the world has ever seen and we will not tolerate being threatened by third-world armies.

Russia does not want to go to war with us, but they need to look tough on the world stage. It is the proper response of Mattis to understand the difference between rhetoric and interest to act proportionately.

With brave men like Mattis at the helm we can rest assured that the might of the American military will be used with intelligence.

President Trump promised to promote “peace through strength.” In a world full of dictators and war criminals, this is the only way to keep us and our families safe.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

As you can see the liberals are SPINNERS! When Trump attacked the Syrian Airbase they “loved” Putin, now they want to antagonize the Russians again and provoke our government. BUT THEY WILL MOST CERTAINLY FAIL!

As I already said- Russians will come ‘crawling’ on the knees before us, because they will realize soon enough that TRUMP IS NOT OBAMA! They will join our noble coalition and end this madness in the Middle East once and for all.