Susan Collins Brutally KNOCKED DOWN Elizabeth Warren IN ONLY 15 SECONDS -This is MERCILESS

Betsy DeVos attended the Senate Health & Education Committee confirmation hearing and, of course, as a nominee for crucial position in Trump’s administration( Secretary of Education) she had to fight with members of the Democratic Party. Elizabeth Warren who probably dreamed of being in Betsy’s place let her inner frustrations to burst out and she attacked DeVos. But, as always, the liberal hypocrisy is being knocked down with correct facts and demands-in this case- the credit goes to Susan Collins. Betsy DeVos promised completely refreshing changes in our educational system which are going to work really nice, therefore the democrats can’t stand such thing. They can’t stand republicans to take the credit for something good or something that is confronting their liberal agenda.

However, Susan Collins came out of nowhere and crushed Warren. She deserved it! Read more below:

Betsy Devos and her family attend a Senate Health & Education Committee confirmation hearing.

Prior to Collins’ heat check, Warren told Donald Trump’s secretary of education nominee that “swindlers and crooks are out there doing back flips” at the thought of DeVos’ confirmation.

She added that without committing “to use the tools that are already available to [her] in the Department of Education,” then she should not be confirmed before stating she was looking “forward to having a second round of questions.”

“I cannot help but think that if my friends on the other side of the aisle had used their time to ask questions rather than complaining about the lack of a second round,” Collins shat at Warren, “they each would have been able to get in a second question.”

“I now used 15 seconds of my time to make that point.”

H/T Daily Caller

Susan Collins taught Warren a lesson. In a democratic world, as the liberals and their Democratic party, claim to build and support, such arrogant and infantile behavior is unacceptable. The voters entrusted Trump with the oval office- that means that the people of America trust Betsy DeVos and they want to have her in such important position. SHARE THIS ARTICLE IF YOU SUPPORT BETSY DEVOS AS EDUCATION SECRETARY!