The Liberal Snake has a big head and it bites hard. The servants of the devil decided to confront the new savior of our nation, Mr. Donald Trump and they did everything in their power to compromise the elect president. They used the media, they used their corporate units, but they never managed to beat the strong titan- Donald Trump. He already made deals about bringing thousands of job back, and he promised to make a total change in our economy. That’s the real american spirit, we have to change everything after 8 years of devastation. His inauguration is near…

Liberals, however, believe only in the fairy tales their owners tell them and the money they give them. They are not and they never will be strong enough to beat Donald Trump and the entire nation that chose him to be the new leader of the nation. His inauguration is going to be a spectacle, but there is a bad rumor…

The New York Times reported that the three dozen agencies responsible for security at Trump’s inauguration are preparing for the possibility of large numbers of protesters flooding the capital along with the millions of supporters who are coming to support the president-elect. Security officials are worried about confrontations between the protesters and Trump’s supporters, given how angry liberals still are about the Republican’s victory.

“To paraphrase Tolstoy: Each inauguration is risky, but each is risky in its own way,” said Michael Chertoff, who was George W. Bush’s secretary of homeland security. He also oversaw Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

“I can’t think of an inauguration that presented more security challenges than this one,” Chertoff added.

What makes this inauguration so challenging is the fact that America is still so divided over Trump’s win.

“Everybody knows how contentious the campaign was,” said Mr. Geldart, the District of Columbia homeland security director. “Honestly, what really keeps me up at night around this is the ability for us to just allow folks to come in, express their views and leave safely.”

H/T Truth Monitor

Someone has to end this madness. Liberals, wake up. We are not blind, we know how you work things. George Soros paid millions of dollars to make you ,,protesters”- that you used for excuse and support in same time – to make violent rage on the streets. You are defeated! Cut it off!