Texas Governor Wipes The Floor With CNN Host After She Attacked President Trump on Live TV


There has been a lot of news coming out of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in the past few days. Some of it is notably good and some of it is understandably bad. Whatever the news, it is important to report on the truth about what is really going on here. Especially during a disaster of this magnitude. There are still people lost and looking for their families. It is no time to start abusing the ratings with lies.

But that is what CNN has been caught doing by none other that Tex Gov. Greg Abbott. He has been amazing thus far. He was one of the first to talk with President Trump before the storm hit and has been there every step of the way after. He is with his people, just like a leader should be.

CNN recently interviewed Abbott, obviously looking for something that would spark a fire within the Trump administration and cause even more hate to come in. But the Governor did not bite and kept his cool no matter what they might have been trying to do.

“Governor, tell us about the President’s visit to the state. Tell us what he accomplished,” demanded CNN, obviously looking for a kick.

“Well it was very important for the President to show up, to show how much he cared about the state of Texas, about our citizens, and about his commitment to helping Texas get through this emergency process and then rebuild,” explained Abbott. “In addition to the President we had cabinet members such as the Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary Tom Price of Health and Human Services. We had the FEMA administrator here.”

These are all good things about the president. Notice how he did not take the bait and thank Trump for coming to his state, no matter what the liberal media might be trying to make of his visit. It is obvious that they think Trump did nothing while he was in Texas. That is not the case.

“As far as the President himself is concerned, I got to visit with him at length and see both his compassion and his commitment to helping Texas get through this process,” Abbott added. Here is the video of the interview:

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