Texas Representative Drops Trump Wiretap Bombshell and It’s Bad For Loretta Lynch


Shocking new audio reveals the STUNNING truth about Obama and his deep state colluding with Russian leftists and agents with one simple goal- to discredit President Trump and destroy his career.

In the past couple of weeks, everybody went crazy about Donald Trump Jr. and his meetings with the Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya. The mainstream media waited for so long for something like this.

Of course, they used their fraudulent narrative right away. They accused Donald Trump Jr. of collaborating with Russian officials.

Into a blink of an eye, Donald Junior leaked his emails with full content and shut their mouths.

As always, the liberal crooked and fraudulent media ignored the facts. After a while something even bigger surfaced. There was a suspicion(WHICH IS NOW CONFIRMED) about Loretta Lynch giving Veselnitskaya a SPECIAL PASS in the USA.

Natalia Veselnitskaya was NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE USA. Loretta Lynch OPENED THE GATES for Veselnitskaya with a special document, signed PERSONALLY by the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the USA.

Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert EXPOSED the truth behind the wiretapping of Trump Tower and the alleged Russian connection on USA Radio’s ‘Trending Today USA’. YOU WILL BE DEVASTATED WHAT HE SAID!

The most interesting part, which CONFIRMS that this was all a setup orchestrated by the DNC and Obama’s deep state is the fact that Veselnitskaya worked for Democrat-aligned opposition research firm FUSION GPS.

After she met Trump, Veselnitskaya met her employers. After a while, as Gohmert and Posobiec claim, Comey gave the order for wiretapping, of course, with FISA warrant. The last and most controversial piece of the puzzle is that NO AGENT in the FBI had the required FISA application and certificate.

This is the real story behind Natalia Veselnitskaya and her visit to USA. She was brought by LORETTA LYNCH and she was used as a tool in the hands of the deep state leaders to sabotage Trump.

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