The CIA Director John Brennan OFFICIALLY Crossed The Line – Trump Will Make Him Regret What He said Moments Ago [VIDEO]

The CIA director John Breannan crossed the line! This man obviously is delusional or thinks that the entire nation is. He is selling us cheap demagogy about what is right and wrong and he also thinks that our president-elect has no right to talk about CIA. WHAT?! The people of America chose Donald Trump to be their leader, which means that the CIA director disrespects the entire nation. The comfort zone of the CIA corrupted liberals is being destroyed day by day, now they panic. Look what this pathetic creature said on FOX News… This is horrible!

CIA Director John Brennan slyly threatened Donald Trump on FOX News Sunday when he said that Trump should “watch what he says.”

*** Is he for real?! This guy doesn’t want to make America great again.

This is coming after a series of intelligence leaks. This is coming after all the headlines that have been coming out to try and denigrate the president-elect.

John Brennan has some nerve for lecturing Donald Trump. Let’s take all the stupid statements that John Brennan has said over the years, via The Gateway Pundit.

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This is pure hypocrisy and evilness. The CIA needs fresh blood, needs real patriots to lead this agency. We can not let our security in the hands of people who do not care about the country and the people. Donald Trump is going to punish every loud mouth that wants with arrogance and public pressure to get away with its crimes. This is the end, we need premanent change! LET’S MAKE THE CIA GREAT AGAIN!