They Warn Her Not To Praise Jesus Publicly – Her EPIC Response Shut Their Mouths INSTANTLY


It seems that Barack Obama is on a vast campaign to compromise every christian citizen in the USA. With his ,,political correctness”, our president became nothing, but a sad and frustrated politician who tries to accomplish his agenda in every possible way. Obama, you claim to be Christian, but we don’t trust you. We saw that you love your muslim buddies better. Anyway, you let us keep our tradition and way of life, because use-the real american patriots, are angry at you! This is beyond imaginable!

The music industry seems to make a lot of young singers more than a little crazy — sorry, Beliebers, but it’s true.

And then there’s Carrie Underwood, who seems to make the music industry more than a little crazy.

Nine years after winning the fourth season of “American Idol,” Underwood continues to unashamedly live her life of faith in the public eye — in a way that makes liberals, who are fine with the free exercise of religion as long as it occurs within the four walls of a home or church, cringe.

Case in point: “Something in the Water,” a single about the life-changing sacrament of Christian baptism.

To her critics, Underwood has some simple advice — if you prefer not to hear about Christ, listen to someone else.

“I’m not the first person to sing about God, Jesus, faith (or) any of that, and I won’t be the last. And it won’t be the last for me, either,” she said, according to QPolitical. “If you don’t like it, change the channel.”

You can watch her performance of the song at this year’s Country Music Awards and decide for yourself how likely you’d be to change the channel if it came on your radio:

With a voice like that, it’s not hard to understand why Underwood’s sales continue to break record after record.

Of course, she might be getting a little help from Someone, too — but that’s between her and Him.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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