THIS BENGHAZI HERO Is FED UP – REVEALS In Public What Dem Cowards Have Done To Him


By now we are all very familiar with the way liberals are handling problems and issues,by being ignorant and self righteous all the time. Trump on the other hand has shown real results, since day one he entered the office. Anyway people are realizing this every day more and more, and they open their hearts and minds to speak and fight against the foul liberal propaganda. As a matter of fact Benghazi survivor Mark Geist has taken particular issue with what Democrats have been doing and explained his thoughts in a National Rifle Association ad, Breitbart reported.

In the ad, Geist called out Democrats for being too lazy to even pick up a phone and send help when he and his comrades were fighting for heir lives for 13 hours, but Democrats are happy to expend energy to stop Trump just because they don’t like him.

“I know the truth about Benghazi,” he said in the ad. “I was there, fighting alongside five Americans who were all raised to believe that if you have a chance to save someone’s life and you don’t try, that’s more criminal than anything else.”

Geist pointed out that Americans all over the country display acts of bravery every day.

“Where was that courage among the politicians that had the power to make the difference during those 13 hours in Benghazi?” he concluded.

Watch him speak bellow



Democrats have held rallies, occupied the Senate floor, exploited every loophole in the Senate rules and otherwise expended a tremendous amount of energy and resources to stop Trump’s cabinet nominees from being confirmed.

Yet when they had the chance to save American lives — when they actually could have made a difference — they sat back and did nothing. They let Americans die rather than do something that truly mattered.

H/T Conservative Tribune

As has been noted already the dishonest liberals have to learn their lesion once for all.

They rightfully lost the election, for never paying attention to the real problems, never showing remorse or help for the common people, but only caring for power and domination. Not only has Trump done more in weeks than liberals did in years, but he also continues solving great problems, and creating better future for the people of USA.