THIS MEANS WAR! What Donald Trump Just Did to GOP Elite Will Make America Cheer!


Is it possible to fall in love with Mr. Trump even more?! We thought not, but he just got around destroying the GOP elite and it made us picture all the BS he is going to unfold when he becomes president! It is pure magic!

After just founding out that the Republican establishment has been trying to sabotage his efforts in the run, he got sick of it and decided to put a stop to it! Oh, by the way, there is a possibility that they are the ones who actually leaked the vulgar tapes to the press. But Trump never goes down, let alone without a fight!

He did an epic rant attack on Twitter today where he in the essence separated his entire campaign from the party and its elitism.

Donald Trump is here to show the American people that The Republican party is not the Party of the Bushes or the Romneys or any in a way embarrassment of precedential families, but rather a party of the people, founded by Abraham Lincoln. No elitism of any kind can spread an aura around that kind of mindset!

Don’t let anyone fool you! Trump is our best chance at survival!

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