Tom Hanks Backs Donald Trump, Destroys Hollywood Libs Who Criticize Him With THESE 9 Heroic Words


We’ve all followed our beloved actor Tom Hanks who, in his thirty-year acting career has managed to bring us joy, sorrow, evoked pathos, and inspired several generations through his numerous and epic movie performances. Amid the gloomy and clouded liberal hot spot in Hollywood, he is a silver lining.

VIA American News

So it will likely not surprise you to learn which candidate Hanks plans to vote for in November: Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Like Trump, Tom Hanks believes in our country. That’s why he’s dedicated himself to producing TV series and films that honor the great achievements of our forefathers, such as the award-winning Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Like many of us, he’s concerned about the state of our country after all the damage Barack Obama has caused it. But he has an unwavering belief in our country’s ability to bounce back, especially under the visionary leadership of a President like Trump.

Tom Hanks remarked:

“America’s going to be fine. We’re the greatest, most resilient nation in the history of, of civilized, in all of civilization. We’ve worked ourselves out of holes many, many times over and over again.”

These are comforting words coming from a comforting man. We trust Tom’s words as we trust Donald Trump’s.