Tomi Lahren And O’Reilly Go Full Force Against Nasty Liberals Trying To Sabotage Trump’s Inauguration [VIDEO]


This election was a crucial one. Our country was in a hard internal struggle. Barack Obama left the nation in the biggest dichotomy in the modern day America. However, the spirits from the past still haunt the USA. Liberals did everything in their power to sabotage Donald Trump. The mainstream media had an awful crusade against our elect-president, backed up by their wealthy donors.

Anyway, not everybody is cruel and rotten liberal puppet. Read the article below about how Tomi Lahren and Bill O’Reilly joined forces against the ultimate liberal evil:

l throughout the election we have seen liberals at their absolute ugliest. They do nothing but smear people and accuse, and even when the election is over, and Trump has been elected by the electoral college will not stop.


Trump has had some difficulty getting celebrities to perform at his inauguration. Partly because celebrities are mostly liberal, and partially because the celebrities who would be willing to do it are having their livelihoods threatened.

Rising 24 year-old conservative star Tomi Lahren joined Bill O’Reilly to take a stand against these liberals.

“Well Bill, there are still many Americans out there that fail to understand that Donald Trump will be our 45th president, that he will be inaugurated on January 20th. They haven’t even accepted that yet. If they can’t accept that, of course they’re not going to accept entertainers going to perform at the inauguration,” said Tomi Lahren.

“I think it’s kind of the side-eye, the same thing we saw in the election. Oh you’re a Trump supporter? You must be a racist, you must be a bigot…I’m still wondering when they’re going to accept the fact that he’s going to be our president. Then maybe we can move on and actually unite,” said Lahren. Check out the video below.


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It is been a real pleasure to see how these too patriots DESTROY the liberal brainwashing machinery. Donald Trump, obviously has the support of real professionals and intelligent people. Good job, Lahren, good job O’Reilly!