Top Democrat Senator Is Going To Jail- The Swamp Is Getting Drained

DEMOCRAT SENATOR IS GOING TO JAIL! Oh, yes, it begins now! The liberal leftists are trapped in their lies, corruption, and nasty games. Each day their secrets are getting revealed.

The liberals’ time is over- NOW BEGINS THE ERA OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Democrats have been immune to investigation for years, but with Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the helm, those days are long gone.

After just two months in office, Senator Thomas Oaks from Baltimore, Maryland, was arrested on charges of corruption. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted for honest service wire fraud. (via Department of Justice)

Honest service fraud is a federal charge for corrupt behavior conducted by public officials, wherein they favor one party over another for personal gain.

Senator Oaks was only two months into his first term as senator, and the charges stemming from his alleged corruption began in September 2015.

In September 2015, an undercover FBI agent was introduced to then-State Delegate Oaks. The FBI agent was posing as a businessman from out-of-town.

The business the undercover agent claimed to work for was a real business, and had an agreement with the FBI. The agent expressed to Oaks his interest in obtaining government contracts in Baltimore.The first meeting occurred between Oaks, the undercover agent, and a cooperating individual. The conversation was recorded, as were all future conversations between Oaks and the undercover investigator.

One contract the undercover agent attempted to secure was related to a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) project. Oaks sent multiple letters to the government using official letterhead in support of his friend.

Oaks also filed a bond on behalf of the undercover agent to receive $250,000 in taxpayer money. This money would otherwise fund the HUD project. Over the course of the year-long investigation, the FBI agent paid Oaks over $15,000 for writing the letters and directing the bonds.

While the FBI knew about the corruption for over two years, they were unable to act until Obama left office. Delegate Oaks’ corruption must have been known to Democrats. Still, they supported his rise to Senator in 2017. Despicable.

Corruption is rampant in the Democrat party. We see it at the local level and we see it from their presidential candidates.

When crooks like Hillary Clinton win the nomination for president, it sends a clear message to rank-and-file Democrats that their corruption is tolerable. But it’s anything but — it’s ruining our great country.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

The nation already decided. Now it is the time to stand behind that decision. We chose a leader that is not a CAREER POLITICIAN. The USA si something way, way bigger than Republicans or Democrats. This nation pays for all the luxuries that the members of the both parties enjoy.