Traitor Shepard Smith Just Smeared Trump With A SICK Lie, Here’s How To Get Shep Fired


Fox News channel has gone through a lot of change after the dismissal of their former chief executive officer Roger Ailes. Despite what you or anyone else thinks about Ailes and his method, he managed to keep the reputation and honesty of the channel.


VIA Conservative 101

Since Ailes is gone, the commentators and reporters on Fox News’s staff who support the Republican party’s nominee are made to feel like second class citizens. Some reporte

rs are even speaking out AGAINST the Republican candidate. Since when has Fox News become a hostile place for Republicans?

The worst offender (out of many) just may be Shep Smith. Shep recently said the following disgusting statement critical of Trump: “He told Howard Stern he was in support of the war. That was very early in the campaign. And now he wants us to erase that from the history books and when we don’t it’s our fault for misrepresenting what is actually a fact. It’s really difficult to wrap you head around what it is we’re expected to do here, because I’m not doing that. That’s insanity, and career suicide. He said he was for the war, period. That’s it.”

Shep also had a beef with Donald Trump looking to Vladimir Putin as a strategic partner in fighting ISIS, saying, “I don’t understand the logic of it. You call Mexicans racists, there’s a whole list of things that you do. And then you make Vlad Putin cool. What are you doing?” Doesn’t Shep understand the most basic geopolitics? We need to make a statement and get Shep Smith fired! Now that Roger Ailes is gone, there’s nobody powerful at the top of Fox News, so this is the time to get Shepard removed. Will you join us in emailing Fox News demanding Shep get fired? watch his idiotic tirade below:

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