TREMENDOUS! Maxine Waters Drowned In Despair After One Of Her BIGGEST Secrets Is REVEALED


A new shocking story about Maxine Waters and her tyranny in LA… I use this word (TYRANT) to describe Waters’ “representation” of the Americans who voted for her. The report below is just another part of the Waters puzzle. Many of you think that she is the STUPIDEST politician in the USA, but after all, it is just a mask.

California boasts movie stars, beautiful coasts and incredibly out of touch politicians. They are absolutely basking in the crazy, having elected not just Nancy Pelosi, but outspoken and outdated spitfire Maxine Waters. Waters has the reputation as being extremely critical of the President, his cabinet, and pretty much anyone or anything Presidentially adjacent. She routinely calls for his impeachment (though she’s yet to give any real reason for it) and has even gone so far as to call everyone in his cabinet “scumbags.”

Now, these are some pretty tall claims, and if she had something to back them up, I’d say hey, free speech is free speech. If her constituents want to listen to her psychotic babble and re-elect her anyway, that’s their choice. An idiotic and misguided one, but their choice none the less.

Unless of course, her constituents aren’t really her constituents at all? The self-nicknamed “Auntie Maxine” prides herself in advocating for the “little guy.” She likes to act like she’s firmly part of the middle class, out there just trying to make a difference. However, some new information leads us to believe that she might just be pulling a scam on the people that she’s supposed to represent.

Via Truth Feed:

A[n] infographic by HistoryInfographics, exposes this dirty secret about the new Dem ‘Leader’ that she does not want you to know.

Recently, Democratic Establishment puppet / Georgia House candidate Jon Ossoff was widely exposed for not even living in the district he is running for.

Now it turns out, the loudmouthed woman who wants to “impeach Trump” doesn’t either.

In addition, where she DOES live exposes extreme hypocrisy.

While Maxine claims to be a ‘fighter’ for the middle class and poor, she much prefers to rub elbows with the ‘very rich.’

Maxine’s district is in some of the rougher areas of Southern California including Inglewood and South Los Angeles.

In contrast, her home is just east of Beverly Hills, in ultra ritzy Hancock Park, next to other multi-million dollar mansions.

In stark contrast to her district, only 3.8% of the population of Hancock Park is black.

So wait, let me get this straight. According to this, not only does she not in the district that she’s supposed to represent, but she lives in a much more affluent area with a much lower crime rate. I wonder why she would do that? Does she think that she’s found a platform that she can keep alive, long after it (and she) is irrelevant?

Waters has long been beating the inequality drum, saying that African American’s aren’t treated fairly. Now, however, it’s taken an interesting turn since she’s actually saying that Black people are better than white people.

There are soooo many problems here. Firstly, she’s decided that no matter what, the black caucus plans to try and forcibly remove the President. I can’t help but think that when she says “doesn’t know how this government works” she means that he won’t allow himself to be bribed and manipulated by money.

Also, if black people are so much better than white people, why is it that she has migrated away from the 43rd district, where she’s supposed to live, and is about 60% non-white in population, in favor of living suspiciously near Beverly Hills, which is about 2.2% black? Anyone care to explain why the advocate for African American rights and lover of all things middle class has left the middle class behind? I suppose she’s not all about putting her money where her mouth is.

If I had to guess, I’d say that she likes being in congress and having power, and she’s willing to say anything she needs to in order to keep her status. It makes no sense that she would leave her people behind if she really felt the way she says she does. However, this has turned out to be a very lucrative position for her to hold. There’s also the distinct possibility that she’s actually lost some mental capability and she doesn’t even know what she’s saying. I wish I could say that I was making a joke there, but the reality is that she’s a senior citizen who routinely goes on unprovoked rants, making threats and promises, neither of which she follows through on, in equal parts.

Everyone wants to believe that they should be getting more than they are, or that they’re particularly special and didn’t even realize it. Waters isn’t doing anything new telling voters that they’re special and being mistreated, I just thought by now we’d all be smart enough to see through it. Apparently, though California’s 43rd district wasn’t, and now they’re without a valid representative because of it.

H/T Freedom Daily

This is INSANE HYPOCRISY. Maxine Waters is a real criminal. I am disgusted after I read this post and so are you. Most of all, I am sorry for all the black people manipulated, frustrated and used by Maxine Waters to fulfill her own ambitions.