Trey Gowdy Catches Loretta Lynch In HUGE LIE ABOUT HILLARY With One Amazing Question


Hillary Clinton cannot catch a breath, which makes us very pleased, due to Trey Gowdy’s harsh nature and his outspokenness. Gowdy called out Clinton on her criminal activities, mostly focusing on the Benghazi victims scandal and her hacked email server.

What a brave man he is, to speak up when  time is more than crucial!

VIA Conservative 101

Ever since the Feneral Bureau of Investigation unthinkably gave Hillary a free pass, Gowdy has been assailing Obama-appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch with criticisms as to why she allowed this miscarriage of justice to happen.

Commented Trey:

This dual track, different set of rules for certain people and for others, it frankly should not matter whether you are running for president or running late to a kid’s ball game—the same rules should apply to everyone.”

Yes! You’d think this could be common sense in any organization.

He grilled Loretta with this:

“Why do you think it’s important to use official email to conduct official business?”

It’s awesome that Trey is staying strong. watch the full exchange below:

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