Trey Gowdy Confronts Both Democrats and Republicans Over D.C. Scandal

In the past few days, the real patriots among the right wing announced that something wrong is happening in the GOP’s rows. RINOs everywhere… The people loyal to President Trump is dealing with real some real issues, and they are alone in their fight.

At least at the establishment in D.C. However, the nation still supports Trump and wants answers. Trey Gowdy is one of the few people who still remained loyal to our president and the noble patriotic American cause and he has something to say.

Democrats and their allies among the “Never Trump” traitor camp among Republicans are still living in a fantasy world where democratically elected President Donald Trump is somehow going to be impeached and replaced with an insider establishment career politicians who plays by their rules.

During the recent controversy over the overdue firing of unreliable FBI Director James Comey, Democrats and their establishment friends have been jumping to truly crazy conclusions based on speculation and hearsay, without solid evidence to back them up. Thankfully, Trump-supporting Congressman Trey Gowdy just stepped up and spoke out harshly about these politicians who are trying to stage a Trump witch hunt.

Democrats have been spreading a story from the New York Times about how, before he left, James Comey wrote a memo detailing his interactions with President Trump regarding disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Gowdy urged these Democrats to keep calm, and he just called their bluff about this mysterious memo document.

Gowdy was interviewed about the case on Fox News by host Martha McCallum, who asked the South Carolina native, “What’s your reaction to this story in the Times?” Answered Rep. Gowdy, “Obviously I want to see the memo. Obviously, I want to talk to Director Comey to determine how contemporaneous his recording of the conversation was.”


Continued Trey, demanding that politicians do a thorough inquiry before rushing to any judgments, “But also, importantly, not just what was said, but what did Director Comey hear? How did he take it? And with all due respect to the New York Times, that can only be done by looking at the memo and talking to Director Comey.” He continued, “We have a story — there’s a reason newspaper articles are not admissible in any courtroom in the United States…we’re a long ways from a conviction, that we simply have a headline in the New York Times.” Are you happy that Trey Gowdy is taking leadership against this witch hunt? Watch below:

H/T Conservative101

Do you support Trey Gowdy? Do you also feel the patriotic spirit that’s spreading across the USA? They tried to silence the conservative pundits in the media, they tried to compromise the president, they did everything, but we are still proud Americans and we are not going to buy what the liberals sell. They can go to hell with their ridiculous lies!