WATCH – ‘It’s Her Own DAMN FAULT!’ – Trey Gowdy Responds to FBI Bombshell In Viral Video

It’s the email thing again. Hillary is getting slammed in the face. Again. That’s what you get for messing with our country. America is finally striking back. It’s pushing Hillary out of the way, and towards jail. That’s a tough road, but Hillary is a tough criminal, so she’ll handle it.

The FBI decided to re-open the email server investigation. They found some new evidence that required this action. And guess who’s speaking again. Gowdy. He’s dedicated his life in putting Hillary behind the bars, and he’s gonna succeed in doing it.

Via Angry Patriot Movement

We’ve heard from many on the re-opening of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, but one Congressman had something special to say.

In a Fox News interview, Congressman Trey Gowdy told Hillary Clinton the re-opening of her email case is her own fault. She should stop blaming the FBI.

The Greenville Congressman, and former chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, told Megyn Kelley in a separate interview that everything happening now is the natural and probable consequence of having a rogue email server.

He said that the FBI’s decision to add to their record is nothing but “extraordinary.” Clearly, Director Comey must have some essential new information in his latest stack of emails.

The FBI Director sent a letter to Congress informing them that he had new information pertaining the Clinton case. Comey included his decision to reopen the investigation because a thousand new emails were found in an unrelated case.

However, the letter was not as detailed as Congressman Gowdy would have preferred. Gowdy described the letter as “cryptic.”

Normally, the FBI does not discuss an ongoing investigation. But in this particular case, because it was connected to an upcoming election, the FBI director felt obligated to inform the American people.

Remember, the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton for improper use of classified information, which can carry criminal penalties. That means it is possible the FBI will alter its prior decision not to bring criminal charges against Hillary.

If this happens, Hillary Clinton’s supporters need to ask themselves if they want to vote for someone who broke their trust and violated federal law. Besides, if Hillary is elected, what is the country going to be like when the sitting President is being prosecuted by her own Department of Justice?

This will open the eyes of every American on Earth. It’s about time to wake up, people. Let’s all show Hillary that we don’t need her. we deserve something better. And morals, of course, and that’s something she can’t afford.

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