Trey Gowdy Gains Support, Blacks And Whites Ban Together To Bring Hillary To Justice


It’s no surprise that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been working hard to continue Obama’s legacy and divide this country. A big part of her campaign has been grounded in trying to make non-white voters afraid of “deplorable” voters.

Both Obama and Clinton have been stoking a remarkable amount of racial animosity. They have expressed their support for Black Lives Matter protesters, and not offered the same support to law enforcement.

Congressman Trey Gowdy has explained that this is all a tactic designed to distract the American people from the actual candidate—a criminal and (a likely) pathological liar named Hillary Clinton.

Gowdy recently stood with African-American Senator Tim Scott in a show of unity. The pair discussed their desire to bridge the difference between white and black communities so we can focus on the common enemy and bring together our “divided nation.”

“He’s an African-American man from Charleston, and I’m a middle aged white guy from the Upstate, so we’re not two people you would immediately put together,” Gowdy said of their alliance, before calling Scott his “best friend in politics.”

What do you think of Gowdy’s assertion? Do you agree that this is a carefully calculated narrative from the Democratic party?