Trey Gowdy Just Gave GOP Linsdey Graham TERRIBLE News – He’s DONE

Trey Gowdy has some good news for America! The nebulous comments and actions by the leftist stormed the nation. Everybody was shocked about the way the democrats show their political culture. These same old people were bragging for ,,political correctness” and peaceful way of thinking and solving, proved to be the biggest hypocrites of all time.

But, that is not all. The liberal movement started recruiting some republicans in their ,,team”. Perhaps, some people have to repay some other’s people debts. Trey Gowdy is there to crush these bonds:

The regular, forgotten people of the United States made a crystal clear statement when they shocked the establishment and put businessman Donald Trump in the White House. Most Republicans are behind Trump, and have given every indication that they are fully behind him and his vision to turn our ailing country around.

However, some failed Presidential candidates who also happen to be Republicans can’t put their petty grievances behind them. They would rather settle a personal score with Trump out of jealousy rather than give American voters a fair shake. One of these traitor Republicans is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. His fellow South Carolina legislator just set him straight with a vicious move.

Jealous Lindsey Graham recently went out of his way to smear Trump and insult his inauguration speech, saying to South Carolina’s Post and Courier, “Part of it was to his base; it started off like a Trump rally, quite frankly. Here’s the reality: The time for talking is over.”

Graham continued, “If he’s going to do all the great things he wants to do on infrastructure, you gotta get the Republican party together, do we agree with you and how do you pay for it. His foreign policy, I don’t know what it is.” Graham sounded an awful lot like Democrat Jim Clyburn, who said, “It was just a repeat of the campaign. I didn’t hear much vision. I heard the word ‘vision.’”

Trey Gowdy did not mince words with cowardly Lindsey Graham or the obstructionist Democrats he’s chosen to ally with. Said Gowdy, who has made his commitment to supporting Trump clear, “I look for consistency. Are you saying the same things as the president that you said as the candidate? (His speech) was the same.”

H/T Conservative101

Trey Gowdy was and still is my favourite ,,celebrity” person. This guy is a really strong, dedicated and patriotic professional who always wants to struggle for the truth until the very end. Look, he is already starting! Let us hope that Trey Gowdy is going to be able to put every criminal behind bars. This doesn’t meant that L. Graham is a criminal, or anyone specific, but this means that a man so dedicated and strong willed is going to finish the mission of JUSTICE!