Trey Gowdy Makes MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT To DESTROY Black Lives Matter – Do You Support This? [VIDEO]


In the politically remedy snowflake storm that Washington has now progressed toward becoming, Rep. Trey Gowdy is the incidental beam of daylight.

Despite the fact that the appended clasp is two years of age, it merits returning to at whatever time you presume advanced court abilities are a relic of past times. Gowdy’s mind blowing dismantling of a social equity “master” is quite an astonishing thing.

Gowdy’s scrutinizing occurred amid a House hearing on the cases of Black Lives Matter activists that policing in the United States is one-sided against dark Americans. What’s more, it was exemplary Gowdy, the distance.

via Conservative Tribune

Northeastern University professor of law, criminal justice expert and community policing advocate Deborah Ramirez was no match for the South Carolina Republican, a career federal prosecutor sometimes called “the bulldog.” After Ramirez’ opening statements alleging that black crime victims are treated differently than white crime victims, and comments from other House members, Gowdy dug in:

Like Gowdy, Ramirez is a former prosecutor. The difference? Gowdy was prepared. He began by asking Ramirez if she was familiar with a number of cases, reading them one by one so that Ramirez had to answer “no” to each individually. He then revealed that the names were “just a handful of the more than 340 police officers who were killed in the line of duty in South Carolina,” according to Politico.

“I want to get to the point where we lament the death, the murder of a black female like Nell Lindsey (a South Carolina woman murdered by her estranged husband in 2002) just as much if it’s at the hand of an abusive husband, which it was, as we would if it would have been at the hands of a white cop,” he said.

“So I hope that part of this 21st century police strategy conversation that we’re having includes getting people to cooperate with law enforcement so you can hold people to the exact same standard regardless of the race of the victim,” he said.

Next came another rundown of names. Once more, Ramirez needed to concede that she had not known about a solitary name on the rundown, which ended up being individuals slaughtered in “intra-racial murders” (where minorities misled different minorities). Gowdy regretted the absence of witness collaboration in numerous urban violations “even after a drive-by shooting of a 8-year-old at a birthday party.”

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