Trey Gowdy Was Offered A New WH Position

WHOA! Trey Gowdy is stormed with job offers these days. He is an awesome person and one of the nation’s favorite tribunes. Before a couple of days, we heard the rumor that Trey Gowdy may possibly take the place of the fired FBI Director James Comey. However, today we bring you some more news- Trey Gowdy has a new offer and he might take it under consideration:

Rep. Trey Gowdy is slated to be the next chairman of the House Oversight committee – if he chooses the job. The South Carolina Republican is the next choice for the role of Chairman of the House Oversight committee.

God bless Trey Gowdy. He deserves this more than anybody.

“If Trey runs, he’ll get it,” one Committee member told to The Hill.

Rep. Mark Walker (R–NC) chairman of the 170-member Republican Study Committee thinks Gowdy is a great choice. Here is what he said specifically

Gowdy “is the person I want for the job and the person I think will get the job,” Rep. Mark Walker said to the Hill.

This is just right. Trey Gowdy deserves this. He is going to be a great choice to run the most powerful position in the House.

H/T Liberty Writers News

What do you think about this, dear readers? Is this position better for Trey Gowdy? To be honest, I would really like to see him on the TOP of the FBI, but this is also a position of crucial importance, and Trey Gowdy is the best man to entrust with such important responsibility. We will see what his next position will be…