Trump Admin Just Revealed The Huge Difference Between First Lady Melania And Michelle

Barack Obama is the worst president in US history. Although Americans gave him a second chance, the former president failed at improving the current condition in our country. Latest reports confirm that Obama even spent more than President Trump and his family.

According to a recent staff salary report, the President Trump spends less than Obama ever did.

The government watchdog Open the Books created a report, and revealed that the President’s 2017 payroll went down $5.1 million when compared to Barack Obama, and his 2015 payroll. Experts suggest that total federal savings could easily exceed $22 million.

Numerous factors affect the savings. The watchdog group outlines the reduction in policy czars, expensive fellowship programs and first lady staffers as the greatest contributors.

The report shows that President Trump has 110 less employees than Obama. Michelle Obama had 24 staffers. Hillary Clinton had 19, and Laura Bush had 18 staffers.

Can you believe that First Lady Melania only has five staffers? Their annual salaries range between $77,000 and $179,000.

Barack Obama fired expensive special initiative czars. His Director of the White House Office of Health reform Nancy-Ann DeParle earned $158,000 a year. The Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Carol Browner received $172,000 every year. The annual salary of the White House Director of Urban Affairs Adolfo Carrion Jr. is estimated to $158,000.

Fellowship candidate Elaine Ho received $150,700 for helping Michelle’s office to implement “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

Two of Obama’s directors in the fellowship program received $120,000 and $60,876.

President Trump didn’t approve any expensive fellowship programs. Although Ivanka works as a special adviser to President Trump, she doesn’t take any salary. The same applies to her husband Jared Kushner. He works as a senior adviser to the President.

But, the median salary for President Trump’s staff is higher. The President’s 377 staffers earn a median salary of $89,000.

What do you think about these numbers? Are you happy that President Trump does his best to give taxpayers the best return? Do you support President Trump? What do you think about former president Barack Obama?