BREAKING: Trump Caught NBC Red-Handed AGAIN – You Won’t Believe What They Just Did

As we are all aware of the Mass Media’s constant sabotage of everything that Trump says and does, but this i believe is a big exaggeration even for them.They are pointing fingers at Russia for helping Trump to win the election through computer hacks,which is ridiculous if you ask me.

Sadly for you NBC, things wont go as smoothly as you think as you spread false speculations all the time. You stoop so low once again along with Obama.NBC got 50 pages classified Intel before Trump could read it himself.

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Trump just made a MAJOR announcement about what he is going to do to NBC! (SEE BELOW)

Trump is taking legal action against them and Obama! He just demanded that Congress investigate how NBC got the top-secret report before he saw it:

WikiLeaks is reporting that the CIA is ILLEGALLY funneling the info to NBC:

He continued, saying this was a crime committed in the name of politics.

Obama administration (as always) avoided the question if they were behind this,even though it doesn’t come as surprise at all.Nevertheless someone should really start getting responsibility,because this is one big injustice that’s been going on for far too long.