Trump Is Enraged And America Is Shocked After Finding Out What Social Security Wasted $32 Million On


We are all, and American seniors more than most, aware that our federal government is constantly wasting our tax dollars and has basically looted the social security trust fund to pay for expensive wars, unneeded tax cut for the mega wealthy, and the ever expanding welfare programs.

It is a scandal that the social security trust fund is full of a bunch of Government IOU’s rather than all the hard dollars (getting interest or rising in value via the stock market) we put in the thing.

They take what they want when they want and then try to tell us we have to take less in benefits.

They have been threatening this for so long it is almost a given that at some time in the near future they will deal a devastating blow to American seniors who rely on social security – which is most of them.

Fortunately, President Trump won the election and his promise to end fraud and abuse is happening.

Politicians promise to end waste, fraud, and abuse of government programs every four years.

But they never follow through.

As the Free Beacon is reporting, Trump just uncovered a massive waste of taxpayer money within the Social Security Administration.