Trump-Hating Governor Brought In Muslim Refugees, Instantly Gets Smacked By AMERICA!


Nikki Hayley, the Governor of South Carolina, has recently endorsed Marco Rubio for president, information that shouldn’t be that surprising. Marco Rubio is a presidential nominee that has weak policies on illegal immigration. But then again, so does Hayley, who has allowed many refugees to penetrate into South Carolina.


VIA Yes I’m Right

Now, the state citizens have had enough!

They are suing her, the state, and a few refugee groups for the safety of Americans!


Haley has supported the president’s plan to bring in refugees from jihadist hotspots like Syria and Iraq, the activists say, while also quietly embracing Obama’s resettlement of illegal Central American children in their state, using the family courts to secretly place them in communities without their knowledge or approval.

So now they’re taking their battle against Haley into the courtroom, filing a lawsuit against the governor, the State Department of Social Services, and two church-based organizations that help the government transplant refugees not only in South Carolina but dozens of cities and towns across America.

The suit takes to halt all resettlement of refugees in South Carolina “until a full accounting of any and all federal money used in this program and specifically where it was allocated and how allocated (and) in which counties.”

This country requires more things like this to happen in order to stay protected. Hopefully, this will pull through.

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