Trump Invites THIS MAJOR WORLD LEADER To Attend His Inauguration – OBAMA IS FREAKING OUT


The relations between USA and Israel had never been worse. Barack Obama, obviously, did a good job in the middle east, and in fact, the entire world. He and his wealthy donors created a huge dichotomy between the arabs and others in the middle east, that resulted with chain of wars and uprisings with its final result- ISIS. However, our ex-president never changed his mind about this question.

Donald Trump will soon be our new great leader. The time of international terror by Obama an his organizations is over. We need new awakening and brand new spirit. We can not afford groups of people with own interests to destroy our international bonds, some of them as strong as Israel. Look who is going to honor the new beginning, right at the inauguration of our elect-president:

A new President means a new direction for the country and having our ally Israel once again standing side by side with us would show the world strength.

President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers want Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the Inaugural on January 20th, as a public sign how we value our friends and likewise. This would be a huge departure from the Obama administration which shoved our Jewish ally to the back of the room the last eight years.

The New York Post reported:

President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers want to invite Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to the inauguration or arrange a meeting of the two leaders before then, a source close to the transition said.

Transition leaders led by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner have been aggressively courting Netanyahu and want him to attend the Jan. 20 festivities, the source said.

There’s a plan for Trump to meet with Netanyahu,” the source said. “They’re talking all the time. And Netanyahu is talking about possibly going to the inauguration.”

Netanyahu congratulated Trump on his victory a day after the presidential election, and Trump had invited the Israeli leader to meet in the US at his “first opportunity.”

H/T Truth Monitor

This is great news! We should also invite Putin, Orban and many other great leaders that oppose the single-minded liberal hypocrisy and terror with their crazy attempts to establish a new world order by force. We can not let islamists rule the western world. We will keep our countries safe and we will make a better future for our children!