Trump Jr. Delivers Brutal Retaliation Against Hillary For Disgusting “Choke” Comment [VIDEO]


After Trump’s trip to Mexico the liberal media has been criticizing Trump for not demanding that Mexico pay for the wall. According to them, Trump should have been up there on the stage screaming that Mexico is paying for the wall. Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate said that Trump “choked” in his trip to Mexico for this reason.

Trump Jr. responded and taught them all an important lesson about business. “Anyone who knows anything about a deal or negotiation – you build a relationship first. You don’t go with the hardest line aspect of a thing on day one. We’ve been very clear. We’ve never backed away from that. There are methodologies by which we can do it,” says Trump Jr.

He talked about the people who has talked to which could make the deal very possible. He went on to talk about how Hillary and Tim Kaine have never made a deal in real life. Check out the video below.