Trump Just Called The Supreme Court For Something Unbelievably Unexpected

Donald Trump is doing a great job! The skeptics predicted that he is not going to be as tough as he presented himself, but he is tougher than ever. Obviously, Donald Trump wants to help the American nation and he is determined to do it as fast as possible. The liberals blocked him, but he wants protection:

Donald Trump has been hard at work trying to get this country back on track after DECADES of disasters, despite the opposition.

One of his biggest moves was filling the empty Supreme Court spot with Justice Gorsuch. Since then Trump has had nothing to do with the Court. That was until today…

Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court to REINSTATE his Travel ban.

Yes, President Trump’s travel ban against Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen is back in play.

The President filed two emergency applications today with the Supreme Court.

Trump’s order has been blocked in 2 extremely liberal courts now despite it ONLY being for 90 days so they can decide on a better vetting program.

It’s worth mentioning that one of the courts that keeps impeding Trump, the 9th Circuit Court, is notoriously liberal and almost ALWAYS gets overturned by the Supreme Court.

Now it’s time to see how the Court functions without Scalia. It’s the court’s job to determine if the order is Constitutionally legal. Everything was done legally and the ban is within the Executive power, so it seems like smooth sailing ahead.

Are you excited to see Neil Gorsuch’s first big case? If so, share this out with your family and friends and leave a prayer for Trump.

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This is it people, we’re not going to surrender! Share this post if you support Trump’s policy and if you’re happy with the good news. We are not going to let them spill the blood of our children, we are American and we know what’s best for our country.