Trump Just DESTROYED Democrats With Just ONE WORD That They Hate The Most

Donald Trump is strong and tough- that makes me hope that the liberal hordes will never ever be able to discredit him. However, they shock the nation with their everyday poison-spilling and it really has to stop. Donald Trump is way over his manners and he shows the liberal leftists who’s the boss! Look what he said to the liberals and made them mad as hell!

This is totally freaking nuts! Donald Trump has been America’s president for almost a full month and he STILL has not gotten his cabinet confirmed thanks to a bunch of lousy Democrat politicians.

You can bet he is P*SSED so he just took to Twitter and called Democrats the One word they hate:



BOOM! Now, the reason I said that word is gonna ruin the Democrats is because it’s their DISGRACEFUL tactics that make the American people distrust them so freaking much.

There is no reason that there should still be 14 proposed Cabinet members remaining without even getting Senate hearings after this long. In fact, they have only confirmed 6 so far!!

Donald Trump is still waiting patiently for the confirmation of:

  • Jeff Sessions as Attorney General
  • Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD
  • Ryan Zinke as Secretary of Interior
  • Tom Price as Secretary of HHS
  • Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce
  • Scott Pruit as head of EPA
  • Steve Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury
  • Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy
  • Mick Mulvaney as head of Management and Budget
  • Linda McMahon as head Small Business Admin
  • David Shulkin as Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Andrew Pudzer as Secretary of Labor
  • Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture
  • Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer

That’s a long list, and, at the rate the Senate is moving, Trump may have to wait til his second term to get them all in place!

If you think what the Democrats are doing to our country is both sick and Unconstitutional, let’s show them we won’t put up with this anymore!!

H/T Liberty Writers News

I enjoy to read our President’s facebook and twitter posts. They are really awesome! A man who is not ,,political correct”- which means he tells the truth no matter what. Disgrace. Wonderful word to describe the apathy and the suffering we’ve been thrown into by the leftists and their donors. That ends soon! Behind our President is the nation and his professional team and the constitution.