Trump Just Made a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT That SHOOK Sanctuary Cities – MAGA

Donald Trump appears to be the most reasonable men in the USA. In the previous years billions of dollars go to waste, because of the bad policies in every segment of our society. There always was a bad vibe on this topic between the people of most inner states who are frustrated from the federal funding of the so called ,,Sanctuary Cities” such as New York or Los Angeles.

Our President Donald Trump is well prepared to change this laws once and or all. Donald Trump made his promises to bring the power back to the people, and this is an amazing example what does it mean. We need more equality instead of funding the elitists and their ,,estates”.

President Donald Trump’s Administration is exploring & looking into different ways to end “Sanctuary cities”. He believes he could  by cutting federal funding to these cities, such as New York.

“We’re going to strip federal grant money from the sanctuary states and cities that harbor illegal immigrants,” spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters.

These comments came from Trump when he was signing his executive order in regards to the Mexico border wall.

The administration would withhold federal money from these cities, which could cost them millions.

Meanwhile, Mexican media reported that President Enrique Peña Nieto, who was supposed to visit the White House on Jan. 31, might cancel the sitdown if Trump ordered the wall built.

Mexicans are demanding that their president cancel the meeting to send a message that they will not be “bullied” by our new president.

H/T Liberty Writers News

The border will do the job, that’s for sure. Mexico has to take responsibility for their various mistakes when it comes to guarding the border. They’ve let maybe millions of immigrants to pass the border illegally whit out taking consequences. Now the wall will be structured in the right time to protect our country from the illegal immigrants from Mexico. This two actions taken by Trump prove once again that he is ready to secure our country and save our economy!