As Trump Left Plane In Florida, 12000 People Saw THIS Sign From God Appear Behind Him


This story by Paris Swade.

The mainstream media lied for Hillary on the debate floor. They made a huge mistake. They thought they could get away for shilling for Hillary.

It didn’t phase the Trump campaign, though. The next day Trump showed up to the biggest crowd that he has ever seen in Melbourne Florida then he received a massive sign from the sky.

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Let this sink in. 15,000 supporters came out to see Donald Trump in Melbourne, Florida on Tuesday after the debate at Hofstra University. 12,000 people got turned away and 25,000 people watched online.

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There were 12,000 people turned away at the event.


Hillary thinks that she won that debate. It is backfiring on her, though. People are coming out to Trump rallies in record numbers.

Let’s take a look at Hillary’s rally from yesterday. It’s like comparing apples to a rotten orange. Hillary’s rallies have a small no energy crowd and Trump’s rallies have reached epic proportions.

It is no wonder that lightning struck behind Mr. Trump at the rally in Florida. Even the heavens opened up to announce his entrance. God bless Trump.

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