‘Trump Must Hang’ Professor Doubles Down, He’s Back


The Professor who dared to post something disgusting about President Trump is back because he wants to prove something very important about his case, claiming that his tweets were taken in the wrong context.

He pledges innocent and he wants his old job returned to him. However, many people will disagree with him. Read more below:

A California State University, Fresno professor doubled down on inflammatory tweets like “Trump must hang” in an interview released Sunday.

Lars Maischak, a history lecturer at Fresno State, tweeted “Trump must hang,” “Has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts for a monument honoring the Trump assassin, yet?” and other remarks, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported in April. The university banned Maischak from campus, but the professor still insists that his remarks were taken out of context, according to YourCentralValley.com.

Maischak claimed that he was not trying to incite violence, and alleged that the media misrepresented his remarks.

“It is only in the processing by the propaganda outlets on the web who make it a sport, who make it a business out of finding professors, actors, journalists and so forth and harass them by inciting an online lynch mob that this became a [controversy] to people,” Maischak said.

“[Trump’s hanging] was the worst possible outcome if my initial assessment that Trump is heading down a direction similar to European fascism in the 1930s was true,” the professor added.

He also commented on his statement that “justice = the execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant.”

“If you’re going to deport 11 million people for no compelling public policy reason based on the assumption that I first heard made by neo-Nazis in Germany in the 1980s that these people are taking away our jobs and we would be better off without them, that won’t go unpunished, so to speak,” Maischak said. “That will lead to backlash in the country that is built on equality.”

Maischak originally took a voluntary, paid leave of absence after the mass publication of his remarks. The university announced earlier in August that he would not be returning to teach in the fall 2017 semester, but the school assigned the professor to transform two courses into online formats. Maischak’s “contractual assignment” finishes Dec. 20, 2017, and his contract expires May 2018. 

“It’ll be curious to find out whether Fresno State will correct the mistake that they made,” the professor said. “They signed onto the language and to the accusations of the right … [The university] could have come out and said ‘this is unacceptable. We know this is a concerted nationwide campaign.’”

“I want to be back teaching at Fresno State,” Maischak said, insisting he had a duty as a historian and a constitutional right to speak as he did.

H/T Dailly Caller

This is how the dumbing down of America looks like. The liberal leftists want to manipulate people, but they underestimate all of us and many will confront the left because they feel offended when someone attacks their president.