Trump Stares Into The Camera and Tells America The REAL REASON He Fired James Comey [VIDEO]


Liberty Writers made an awesome research once again. After Donald Trump fired James Comey everything changed. It seems to me that the entire nation secretly cheers in joy after this man was removed from this position crucial for our national security. Today interesting things happened, especially Trump’s interview in which he says why he fired Comey. Read more below:

Donald Trump just told the world why he fired James Comey this Wednesday. He told reporters at the Oval Office that he “wasn’t doing a good job.” He then made his statement at end of his meeting with Henry Kissinger today.

You can see Trump tell Comey exactly why he fired him at the 00:40-second mark.

Oh yeah. Did you see Trump’s tweets this morning? President Trump did not hold back.


He just pointed out how duplicitous the Democrats are. He’s so right on this, too.This is why you don’t let your friends read fake news, y’all. Trump is going to pick someone to lead the FBI that will restore it to its purpose. This is step number one in draining the swamp.


You are about to look at a picture of James Comey getting off a plane in DC after finding out that he was fired in California. Ouch. Trump slaughtered him.

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