Trump STUNS The Whole Nation At Inaugural Luncheon – Does Something No One Ever Expected

Donald Trump said something incredible at the Inaugural Luncheon. He surprised the nation with his big heart and forgiveness. The following story speaks about a man with true intentions and capability of a real diplomat and intellectual. Guess who else was at the Inaugural Luncheon? It was the Clinton’s! Of course, as a ,,vital” part of the American political establishment ( despite the fact that Bill Clinton was a former president ) it was expected of them to attend the entire ceremony since the beginning. Obama’s for example, acted normal and polite, even tough Melania taught Michelle a lesson of what does it mean to be a CLASSY lady. But, the Clintons seemed a little bit cold and unpleasant. What Donald Trump did next will leave you speechless:

It was a hard fought election that split the country.

The rancor was in the streets with protesters, even from the former spokesperson of candidate Hillary Clinton who took a dig at President Donald Trump on Twitter.

But during his speech, Trump talked about unity.

Today, after being sworn in, Trump reached for that unity, recognizing his opponent, Hillary Clinton, at an inaugural luncheon in the capitol.

He called for everyone to stand in her honor.

He and Melania also shook hands with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

H/T Young Conservatives

Make the liberals see this article! Donald Trump shows his strong will for unity and brotherhood between the people of America. He is a GREAT person that respects his values and his honor. I doubt that Hillary would have done the same if she was in Trump’s shoes, but who cares… Judging by the beginning- Donald Trump will most certainly unite the nation! UNITED WE CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!