Trump Supporter Gets Obamacare Supporters Cheering With THESE 3 Questions – WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS BEYOND EPIC [VIDEO]


“MAGA” supporter made a wonderful statement today and completely destroyed the Obamacare supporters with only a 3 point question. This brave person was unable to hold his frustration because everybody knows what kind of project Obama care is. This is another prove that we need real changes in our health insurance system. Read more below:

A man wearing Donald Trump’s trademark “Make America Great Again Hat” managed to get Obamacare supporters cheering during a town hall in Florida by asking three simple questions.

“Every American should have health care coverage—would you agree,” he asked.

The pro-Obamacare crowd cheered.

“That pre-existing conditions should be covered—would you say,” the man continued.

The crowd again agreed.

“If you are 26 years old, or at least up to that, you should be able to be covered by your parents’ insurance—would you agree,” he asked.

More cheers.

That’s when he dropped the stunner:

“OK, Mr. Price, the cabinet member, has said he’s committed to those three things. Yes, yes, yes! So you need to find out the facts before you start complaining.”

But does the man in the MAGA hat have a point?

On the issue of health care for all, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said:

“I think it’s absolutely imperative that we have a system in place that has patients at the center and allows for every single American to have the opportunity to gain access to the kind of coverage they want.”

Price also recently vowed, “we will not abandon individuals with pre-existing illness or disease.”

Finally, even President Donald Trump said he wants to keep the Obamacare provision allowing people up to 26 years old to be covered by their parents’ insurance plans.


That is a good point, sir. We have to build another scheme in which every citizen will have a proper health insurance. Maybe a new department or foundation is needed. What do you think? Is Obamacare going to hit the rock bottom?